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Tampa Group recently launched a new product; MALABAR CHEF PREMIUM XXXL RICE presented by our Brand Ambassador Ms. Parineeti Chopra at the Safinah Ballroom of Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Malabar Chef - Premium Indian Basmati Rice is nature’s gift to the Indian sub-continent; Basmati Rice has been known to the world since the early days of the 19th Century.  By virtue of India’s geographical position, water and soil quality plus special weather conditions, this rice is different from other rice varieties.  No other rice in the world has this combined characteristic of exquisite aroma, sweet taste and the post cooking elongation.

Tampa now brings to you the premium quality of the traditionally processed Malabar Chef with the aroma and flavor that gives you that lip smacking taste, each time around.


Another event made possible by Golden Cage Events & Promotions, Tampa Group's Event Division

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